Design your roof truss

The 3D tool may take a few seconds to load. You can experiment with truss design ideas download or email yourself the quotation for your chosen configuration. However please note that we can produce many more truss designs and sizes up to as large as 11m spans. Take a look at our Oakmasters Oak Roofs and Trusses Gallery for more information. We can offer complete flexibility within the boundaries of the materials. If you'd like to discuss more complex or bespoke requirements, please contact us.

Each roof system will require a one-off Truss Design Model to be signed off by you before manufacture. The one-off price includes as many of each design as you like, but each style of truss will require a seperate design model. This is presented as a 2D section and 3D model. This model is also used directly by our CNC machines to manufacture your product for ultimate accuracy.

Each type of oak truss requires structural calculations prior to manufacture, which you can source yourself or purchase through us. The final price may change as a result of the structural calculations as the engineer has final say over design and section sizes of oak used, based on the loading and spans of the roof. 

Please familiarise yourself with our How it Works guide before you buy.

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