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Complex joinery and large timber frame structures

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Hundegger K2i CNC Machine

Oakmasters is one of the UK’s only bespoke wholesale timber frame manufacturers for business clients. Using our Hundegger K2i timber framing machine and HM4 four sided beam planer and edger, we can create custom-designed timber frames and structures comprising sections up to 11 metres in length and 350 x 450mm. All our products are produced to exacting quality standards direct from 3D CAD/CAM models.

Why outsource your timber manufacturing to Oakmasters?

We offer trusted long term B2B partnerships with our clients to enable rapid white label supply of precision-manufactured structures.

With our help our clients can reduce errors, avoid factory overheads, ramp up production where demand outstrips capacity and even avoid the need to invest in extra manufacturing capabilities at all.
Oakmasters can work as a trusted and enduring commercial partner, enabling your business to bypass large factory overhead costs and efficiently scale up production at speed. To date we are assisting a fast-growing number of industry clients, who benefit from swift, timely supply of our precision-cut, large-scale frames.

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