Oak Beams for Trade / Wholesale

We source oak beams exclusively from oak sawmills in Northwest Europe and ensure our suppliers are reliable in terms of service and quality. We also insist that all oak beams we source come from sustainably managed forests.

Order oak beams to complement your trusses and to complete your roof structure, or order oak beams cut to size to build your own oak framed structure.

We offer:

  • Supply of straight sawn green oak beams cut exactly to your required size.
  • Supply of oak beams cut to required size with a planed all around finish
  • As many different sizes as you require included in a single shipment.
  • Delivery to site
  • Minimum order quantity for orders of standalone oak beams without garage or truss is £500+ VAT + delivery

How to get a quote and to order

We are currently only able to quote and take orders for oak beams over the phone or by email. Please contact us by calling 01444 440011 or email to oak@oak-beams.com with your details and cutting list and we will get back to you with a no obligation quote by return.

    The oak beams we supply 

    All the timber we provide is THB structural grade green oak, although we are able to source THA grade on request. Beams are suitable for use as oak cladding or in oak frames for garages, outbuildings, porches, garden rooms, pergolas as well as houses and house extensions.

    Our trade oak posts and beams are suitable for internal or external structures and do not require any additional treatment.