Truss Design Model

By Oak Beams And Frames Direct


Each roof system you purchase requires an accompanying Truss Design Model. This must be be signed-off by you before manufacture can commence. The specifications will be used directly by our CNC equipment for precision, automated manufacture.

Once purchased, our designer will get in touch to discuss the exact dimensional details and situation of the roof layout, to provide an accurately dimensioned 3D model of the truss, along with purlins and ridge, if required.

1. You must purchase and approve at least one Truss Design Model before manufacture can commence.

2. You must purchase and approve one model per truss design type (i.e. Queen, King etc). The one-off price includes as many quantity of a particular truss as you like, but each different style of truss will require a seperate design model. 

3. If there are any differences between the required section sizes or design and the original we will need to update the price accordingly. Any changes would be exactly pro-rata with the change in the volume of the material. 

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